Experienced licensed clinical Psychologist. Highly skilled at treating individuals, cialis usa ask couples, cialis buy patient families, and groups presenting with a wide range of psychological health difficulties at all levels of severity. Specialized training in treating anxiety and trauma. I also have extensive knowledge of the types of challenges and struggles military service members and their families face and particularly enjoy working with active and veteran members of the military.

M Moore BusinessApply a bio-psycho-social approach and believe in holistic and positive-focused approaches to care. Common clinical applications include cognitive-behavioral therapy, cognitive processing therapy, mindfulness and mind-body skill relaxation techniques, acceptance and commitment therapy, person-centered therapy, and solution-focused counseling. Author of numerous review publications aimed at enhancing resilience and coping skills to enhance health and well-being as compliments to psychological health care. Well-versed-in working with individuals from diverse ethnic, cultural,  and socioeconomic backgrounds.

Approach to therapy: I genuinely enjoy being able to help clients achieve real and observable changes in their lives.  Through my work I have helped individuals, couples, and families facing a wide variety of difficulties at all levels of severity to identify patterns and roadblocks that undermine growth, create distress, or get in the way of more fulfilling lives and relationships.

In terms of my therapeutic philosophy, I strongly believe in tailoring treatment to meet the needs of each client. I approach therapy as a co-investigation in which I work with my clients to pinpoint what may be causing distress or getting in the way of a fuller life. When we first meet I begin by conducting a thorough interview along with more formal questionnaires to gather a complete picture of presenting problems.  Often, exploring previous family or developmental difficulties, as well as more recent lifestyle habits, circumstances, and emotional styles can lead to critical insights into roadblocks that are keeping clients held back. After our first meeting I typically share my impressions  and discuss ideas for a treatment course. At every step, my clients are invited to be a part of the treatment plan and when progress is not being made, we co-investigate the causes.

In terms of selected techniques, I utilize a combination of therapeutic approaches that have been shown in research to be effective. It is frequently creative approaches to therapy that draw upon a combination of research-proven tools that have helped lead to the most critical breakthroughs. Beyond clinical techniques, however, through deep respect for each client’s uniqueness, my ultimate goals is to help clients find and invest in their own inner strengths and tools for healing.

As a final comment, I believe in taking a holistic approach to solving difficulties and believe it can be important to simultaneously attune to many aspects of health to include physical, environmental (i.e. work or home climate), emotional, relationship, and psychological. As such, clients are sometimes encouraged to consider broader lifestyle changes to accompany therapeutic change.

Ultimately, my goal is to help clients not just to survive, but to genuinely thrive.


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A winner of the 2015 Patients’ Choice Awards for Washington Psychologist
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