Moms Book Club

I am excited to announce my brand new Moms Book Club! Both local DC moms and moms outside of DC are welcome to join in reading, tadalafil look learning, salve and growing together as a book club community.

The first book chosen for discussion is Brigid Schulte’s, “Overwhelmed: Work, Love, and Play When No One Has the Time.” Brigid’s amazing book chronicles the demands of our new two-parent working model and poses solutions and tips for easing some of the time-demand stress that so many working mothers experience. Please join us to share about what your stresses are, what solutions you have found for achieving self-care and stress relief, and what the future might look like for parenting.

No time to read Brigid’s book? No problem. She actually has a cliff-notes version of it on her website.¬†

Our in-person community discussion meeting will take place the last week in January (date and time TBA). For those who wish to participate in the discussion remotely, there will be a separate moderated chat room dedicated for discussion. Please email me directly if you are interested in either so that I can put you on the invitation list.


Finally, please help select January’s Book Club pick! Two suggestions include:

1. Deborah Kahn’s, “Roads not Taken: Complex Lives of Employed and At-Home Mothers.” A longitudinal study of ¬†full-time stay-at-home and full-time working mothers.

2. Adel Faber’s classic parenting book, “How to Talk to Kids So That Kids Will Listen and Listen So Kids Will Talk.”

Vote in the comments section below!


Monique Moore, PhD

Clinical Psychologist